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Gustav and Ike Recovery and Rebuilding


Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, which impacted Louisiana on September 1 and 12, 2008:

  • caused 51 deaths
  • flooded 12,000 - 13,000 homes and damaged 150,000 - 300,000
  • caused an estimated $8 - $20 billion in physical damage
  • were responsible for more than $1 billion in public infrastructure damage
  • caused $2 - $7 billion in housing damages, including $1.7 billion in uninsured losses.


Gustav severely impacted 43 parishes; Ike severely impacted 14. 


Economic Impact of hurricanes Gustav and Ike on Louisiana (.html version) 

Overview of damages from the hurricanes and LRA's recovery plans (.html version) 



The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development appropriated $1.09 billion in Community Development Block Grant funds to the State of Louisiana for recovery from hurricanes Gustav and Ike. The funds were provided in three separate appropriations:

  • $438 million in November 2008;
  • $620 million in June 2009; and 
  • $32.5 million in September 2010 


OCD-DRU allocated more than half of the Gustav-Ike recovery funds to the 53 impacted parishes, a total of $562.5 million. Parishes have chosen their own housing, infrastructure and economic development programs, following federal guidelines and pending approval by the state's Review Committee. Outreach representatives within DRU, assigned to each parish, provide technical assistance and guidance with their menu of recovery programs.


Parish Funding

Fifty-three (53) of the state's 64 parishes are CDBG-eligible, EXCLUDING only the following:

Bienville Caldwell Jackson Red River
Bossier Claiborne Lincoln Webster
Caddo DeSoto Natchitoches  


Parishes Receiving CDBG Funding, Amounts Allocated and Total Number of Projects


Parish Resources


Communications to Grantees from Gustav-Ike Staff Members



Learn more about OCD-DRU's Gustav-Ike Recovery Programs 


View the Gustav-Ike Action Plans and Action Plan Amendments 


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