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 Consolidated Monitoring Services (CMS)


The state of Louisiana is pleased to introduce "Consolidated Monitoring Services (CMS)." This service provides centralized monitoring of statewide networks, critical infrastructure and selected servers and applications. CMS's role is to provide monitoring for a network enterprise by providing quality services and coordinating with other Help Desk in a proactive approach to identifying and managing the resolution of problems. HP OpenView being the chosen software for monitoring illustrates through visualization the status and performance of the network infrastructure. HP OpenView will monitor on a 24/7 basis. The CMS site offers a climate controlled environment, physical security, redundant power and backup systems.


The initial focus is monitoring the Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) statewide network specifically including:

  • Capitol Park

  • La Net

  • Louisiana Secure Internet

The priority for departmental participation will be established by the Chief Information Officer and coordinated with departmental management.

Hours of Operation
Monitoring is 24/7 and manned hours of operation are from 6:00AM - 10:00PM, Monday through Friday.

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