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Training Request Forms
IMPORTANT:  If your agency has implemented the new Learning Solution (LSO), registration for all
                      ISIS training classes can be performed in LEO (under your new Training tab). 
OIS will only accept training request forms from agencies that have not yet implemented the LSO:
  • There is a training request form specifically for each ISIS application.  Follow ISIS training procedure to request training classes needed.
  • A confirmation letter will be sent to employee once training has been scheduled.
    NOTE:  DO NOT ATTEND class unless a training confirmation letter has been received!
Business Objects - All Business Objects training is accessed through LEO
No form is required
Contract Financial Management System (CFMS)  (ISF028)
Contract Financial Management Systen Form in pdf format
Contract Financial Management System Form in Word format
Financial (AFS) < size="1">(ISF026)
Financial Form in pdf format
Financial Form in Word format
< size="2">Human Resources (HR) < size="1">(ISF046)
Human Resources Form in pdf format
Human Resources Form in Word format
< size="2">Procurement (AGPS) < size="1">(ISF003)
Procurement Form in pdf format
Procurement Form in Word format
Travel < size="1">(ISF055)
Travel Form in pdf format
Travel Form in Word format

Training Courses