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Discontinuation of H.320 Video Conferencing Line of Service Reminder

March 19, 2008

This notice should serve as a reminder that the statewide contract with AT&T (formerly BellSouth) to support the Video Network Services (VNS) line of service will terminate June 30, 2008. At that time, the Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) will no longer have the capability of offering the VNS line of service which supports H.320 Video Conferencing via dedicated private lines or ISDN dial connections.

Previously the Statewide Video Conferencing Task Force concluded that there was no longer a requirement for OTM support of a hosted video conferencing solution and that the user community would migrate to self/intra-agency supported H.323 (IP based) video solutions.

VNS line of service customers are again reminded and strongly encouraged to begin proactive efforts to identify ongoing video conferencing requirements and internal support capabilities. This assessment should include internal discussions with business and functional units as well as with IT technical support representatives. These conversations should assist the video users in identifying the budgetary requirements for hardware/software purchases, network performance and capacity upgrades, as well as any multi-point control unit (MCU)/conferencing bridge and scheduling functionality.

As a reminder, OTM has put in place contracts for Polycom and Tandberg brand video conferencing equipment. The vendor for both contracts is Wire One Communications, Inc. Customers interested in H.323 video conferencing equipment should contact Wire One to determine their equipment's compatibility or if an upgrade to H.323 is available for their existing video equipment. The contract numbers are 406677 for Polycom equipment and 406720 for Tandberg equipment.

For more information concerning the discontinuance of the VNS (H.320 based) line of service, contact Susie Pace, OTM Video Network Services at 225 342-8827 or