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Office of Telecommunication Management (OTM) Telecommunications Information Notice 08-06 State Cellular Telephone Plan Review

October 20, 2008

The Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) recommends that each department or agency review its deployment strategy and usage of cellular telephone service. Average monthly usage should be compared to available plans to make sure that the appropriate type and size plan is being used.

Consolidating cellular billing under a vendor-offered pool plan may be the most cost effective means for a department or agency to procure its cellular telephone service. Possible savings and indirect costs associated with pool plans will vary depending on pool size, minute consumption, and the ability, where needed, to manage cost allocation to diverse users in the pool. Each department’s or agency’s situation may be different and merits an individual review and decision.

For assistance in assessing your plan needs, contact your cellular service provider.

For your consideration, the cellular pool plan overview page provides a general overview of pool plans. The page indicates what is included with pool plans, how pool plans work, and considerations for using a pool plan. Contact your particular cellular service provider for their pool plan service offering.

If you have a question about this information notice, please contact Ruth Werling, OTM Wireless Manager, at 225-342-0547 or