Lafayette Economic Development Authority Board of Commissioners Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Matt Babineaux $0.00 Classified Project Coordinator
Nikki Bourgeois $0.00 Part-time Assistant to President
Anne Falgout $0.00 Classified Director of Information Services
Gregg Gothreaux $0.00 Classified President/CEO
Zachary Hagar $0.00 Classified Business Associate
Virginia Jones $0.00 Part-time Research Assistant
Brittany Lacour $0.00 Part-time Intern
Pamela LaFleur $0.00 Classified Vice President-Administration
Ryan LaGrange $0.00 Classified Director Workforce Development
Jessica LeDee $0.00 Part-time Accounting Assistant
Rani Lege $0.00 Classified Project Associate
Nicole McAlister $0.00 Part-time Intern
Brett Mellington $0.00 Classified Manager of Downtown Development
Mark Mouton $0.00 Classified Director of Business Retention & Expansion
Micah Riggan $0.00 Part-time Intern
Gabbi Schexnailder $0.00 Part-time Intern
Megan Segura $0.00 Classified Director of Strategic Analytics
Rebecca Shirley $0.00 Part-time Director-AED
Daniel Soileau $0.00 Part-time Intern
Maria Spannuth $0.00 Part-time Accountant
Lena Styles $0.00 Classified Assistant Administrator
Victoria Tran $0.00 Part-time Intern
David Travers $0.00 Classified Maintenance Superintendent
Stacey Zawacki $0.00 Classified Director of Marketing
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