St. Bernard Port, Harbor and Terminal District Board of Commissioners Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Eric Acosta $0.00 Unclassified Port Security Officer
Melissa Adams $0.00 Part-time Security Guard
Trenell Aisola $0.00 Part-time Security Guard
Mark Anselmo $0.00 Part-time Maintenance Worker
Karen Boniol $0.00 Unclassified Accounting Technician
Karen Cook $0.00 Part-time Security Worker
Sabrina Culotta $0.00 Part-time Security Guard
Nunzio Cusimano $0.00 Unclassified Agreement Analyst
Inez Dalon $0.00 Unclassified Security Guard
Wilfred Douglas $0.00 Unclassified Maintenance Worker
John Ducoing $0.00 Unclassified Leaderman
Shane Esponge $0.00 Unclassified Maintenance Worker
Ryan Fayard $0.00 Unclassified Maintenance Worker
Thomas Fayard $0.00 Part-time Security Guard
John Gebbia $0.00 Part-time Maintenance Worker
Jerry Graves $0.00 Unclassified Director of Operations
Drew Heaphy $0.00 Unclassified Director of Administration
Leon Indovina $0.00 Part-time Security Guard
Denise Kraesig $0.00 Unclassified Executive Secretary
Jason LaFontaine $0.00 Unclassified Maintenance Worker
Louis Lagman $0.00 Unclassified Maintenance Supervisor
Donna Landwehr $0.00 Unclassified Records Secretary
Corey Longo $0.00 Part-time Maintenance Worker
Sonya Maas $0.00 Unclassified Purchasing Secretary
Tony Melerine $0.00 Unclassified Community Liaison
Joelle Michel $0.00 Unclassified Receptionist/Secretary
Stanley Moley $0.00 Part-time Security Guard
Brian Newman $0.00 Part-time Maintenance Worker
Angela Nunez $0.00 Part-time Security Guard
Martin Nunez $0.00 Unclassified Security Worker
Ronald Nunez $0.00 Part-time Security Guard
Richard Pecot $0.00 Part-time Security Guard
Wayne Pittman $0.00 Part-time Security Guard
Heath Ragas $0.00 Unclassified Maintenance Worker
Joseph Roberts $0.00 Part-time Security Guard
Joseph Roche $0.00 Unclassified Project Manager
Robert Scafidel $0.00 Unclassified Executive Director
Frances Smith $0.00 Unclassified Security Guard
Rebecca Straub $0.00 Part-time Security Guard
Debra Terminie $0.00 Part-time Security Guard
Lance Whiting $0.00 Part-time Security Guard
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