Bossier Levee District Board of Commissioners Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Clint Byas $40,511.00 Unclassified Mobile Equip Oper 1 Heavy
Jeffrey Coile $33,000.00 Unclassified MEO I Heavy
Melvin Davis $40,907.00 Unclassified Levee Foreman a
Mary Easterly $64,370.00 Unclassified Secretary
Jimmy Halbrook $38,057.00 Unclassified Mobile Equip Oper. 1 Heavy
Kenneth Haverfield $41,335.00 Unclassified Mobile Equip Oper 1 Hvy
James Hughes $31,477.00 Unclassified Roadsd. Devel. Herbicide Applc
Charles Johnson $4,080.00 Classified Laborer
Marcus Long Jr $75,179.00 Unclassified Project Coordinator
Clayton Massey $38,375.00 Unclassified Roadse Devel Hervicide Applc
Donald McCart $44,833.00 Unclassified Mobile Equip. Master Mechanic
Edgar Naron $48,819.00 Unclassified Levee Foreman C
Radford Price $31,329.00 Unclassified Mobile Equip Oper 2
Matthew Register $560.00 Part-time Clerk
Herman Sharpley $4,417.00 Unclassified MEO I Heavy
Willie Thomas $26,670.00 Unclassified Mobile Equip Oper 1
Arthur Wallace Jr $19,161.00 Part-time Secretary
Edward Weathersby $38,556.00 Unclassified MEO I Heavy
Toby Williams $37,060.00 Unclassified MEO I Heavy
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