State Board of Medical Examiners Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Rita Arceneaux $71,683.00 Unclassified Confidential Executive Assistant
Elaine Barberot $62,261.00 Classified Analyst Supervisor
Barbara Bender $44,237.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Inez Bigelow $46,251.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Joseph Bonck $53,863.00 Classified Collaborative Practice Coordinator
Bonnie Bourgeois $46,042.00 Classified Program Compliance Officer
Jo-Ann Brisco $62,208.00 Classified Executive Staff Oficer
Freddie Broussard $40,548.00 Classified IT Techncial Support Analyst
Sandra Broussard $58,206.00 Classified Licensing Analyst Supervisor
Paulette Brown $35,970.00 Classified Licensing Anayst Supervisor
James Coolman $62,670.00 Classified IT Technical Support Specialist
Carol Duchmann $44,472.00 Classified Compliance Investigator 2
Thania Elliott $112,383.00 Classified Nurse Practice Consultant
Tanya Ellis $31,054.00 Classified Lic. Analyst
Keishan Falls $23,910.00 Classified Liicensing Assistant
Lydia Favorite $40,626.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Merian Glasper $63,935.00 Classified Director of Licensure
Grace Hammons $61,672.00 Classified Program Compliance Officer Manager
Mary Harris $26,291.00 Classified Licensing Assistant
Christine Holder $47,193.00 Classified Program Compliance Officer 3
Lynn Hull $53,000.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Nilerotress Hull $31,758.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Suntanion Hull $35,787.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Aloma James $40,548.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Phyllis Johnson $38,926.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Gayle Jones $55,355.00 Classified Accountant Administrator I
Stephanie King $28,854.00 Classified Accounts Receivable
Cynthia Knecht $49,207.00 Classified Human Resources Analyst C
Jeri Kouba $54,434.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Deidra Mathis $54,434.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Tracy Mauro $52,320.00 Classified IT Technical Support Specialist I
Cecilia Ann Mouton MD $211,617.00 Unclassified Excutive Director
Michelle Parker $48,176.00 Classified Accountant Supervisor I
Alan Phillips $101,135.00 Classified IT Director
Al Poche $46,356.00 Classified Facilities Manager
Vanissia Prout $35,389.00 Classified Call Center Rep.
Glenda Ratcliff $40,642.00 Classified Accounts Payable
Charlotte Rempel $30,994.00 Classified Investigation Assistant (Malpractice)
Robert Rempel $43,028.00 Classified Payroll
Lillie Rogers $47,166.00 Classified Assistant Investigator
Leslie Rye $85,962.00 Classified Nurse Practice Consultant
Sandra Scott $22,979.00 Classified Admin Coordinator 3
Darrem Singleton $29,967.00 Classified Licensing Assistant
Esparonzia Spooner $42,196.00 Classified Compliance Investigator I
Lester St. Amant $61,057.00 Classified Investigator
Cathy Storm $94,542.00 Classified Compliance Officer
Janice Thomas $48,474.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Charmaine Turner $27,390.00 Classified Licensing Assistant
Dave Vicknair $46,879.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Jeannine Young $37,147.00 Classified Lic. Analyst
Peter Zengel $54,434.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Robert Zeringue $29,299.00 Classified Licensing Assistant
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