Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Gary P Allen $34,320.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Officer
Joseph E. Amadeo $23,660.00 Unclassified Accounting Clerk
Thea A. Andras $57,809.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Sergeant
Georgiana H. Bagnetto $54,487.00 Unclassified Communications - Dispatch Training Officer
Carla K. Baker $36,696.00 Unclassified Communications - Dispatch
Sean A. Bancroft $53,855.00 Unclassified Huey P. Long Police Corporal
Tyrone Banks $49,846.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Officer
Eileen M. Barthe' $64,906.00 Unclassified Human Resources Director
Michael J. Bernard, Jr. $40,776.00 Unclassified Huey P. Long Police Corporal
Troylen Berry $30,916.00 Unclassified Records Clerk
Kim G. Bertucci $28,116.00 Unclassified South Shore Commuter Sales Clerk
Loretta J. Beverly $22,415.00 Unclassified Toll Collector
Jason R. Bourne $28,872.00 Unclassified Motorists Assistance Patrol
Barbara P. Boyle $27,513.00 Unclassified Command Post - Security Cameras
Mark A. Brewster $42,593.00 Unclassified Maintenance Foreman
Robert B. Brocato $32,239.00 Unclassified South Shore Maintenance Supervisor
Brett T. Bruhl $27,040.00 Unclassified Bridge Maintenance
Colt L Bruhl $28,122.00 Unclassified Motorists Assistance Patrol
Brian K. Burr $25,958.00 Unclassified Motorists Assistance Patrol
John E. Callahan $11,513.00 Part-time Toll Collector
Nick A. Congemi, Sr. $103,242.00 Unclassified Chief of Police
Charles D. Copeland Jr. $35,693.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Officer
Sherry A. Cox $28,781.00 Unclassified Communications - Dispatch
Perry J. Daigrepont $59,623.00 Unclassified Commuter Sales Supervisor
Sheila Davis $19,760.00 Unclassified Toll Collector
Aubrey J. Deliberto $38,563.00 Unclassified Electronics Technician
Lynell Drumgole $22,430.00 Unclassified Bridge Monitor
Carlton F. Dufrechou $114,660.00 Unclassified General Manager
Michael W. Dufrene $43,242.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Corporal
Tan Van Duong $35,693.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Officer
Jacob W. Engelbracht III $43,508.00 Unclassified Grounds Maintenance Leaderman
Elizabeth T. Files $33,807.00 Unclassified Toll Captain
Conrad H. Franz, Jr. $71,823.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Lieutenant
Tate J. Gallo $55,940.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Corporal
Chris R. Galloway $34,320.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Officer
Paul D. Geldert $23,614.00 Unclassified Toll Collector
Robert J. Graham, Jr. $63,836.00 Unclassified Assistant North Shore Supervisor & Safety Officer
Lowell E. Graham, Jr. $37,174.00 Unclassified Vehicle Maintenance
Charlotte A. Grant $35,801.00 Unclassified Communications - Dispatch
Carol Ann Griffith $33,529.00 Unclassified Toll Collector
Sidney J. Guichard $54,581.00 Unclassified Huey P. Long Police Officer
Michelle F. Halder $30,098.00 Unclassified Toll Analyst
Matthew E. Haley $38,418.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Corporal
Jolynn Hanna $20,353.00 Unclassified Toll Collector
Eustacia M. Heffker $41,678.00 Unclassified Executive Secretary
Mason J. Hernandez $22,880.00 Unclassified Motorist Assistance Patrol
Scott M. Huff $34,320.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Officer
Lee M Hunt $34,320.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Officer
Roy L. Jacob, Jr. $65,038.00 Unclassified Huey P. Long Police Sergeant
Michael J. Jenkins $40,725.00 Unclassified Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor
Michael Johnson $34,320.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Officer
Marva C. Jones $23,368.00 Unclassified Toll Collector
Shenandoah D Jones $34,320.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Officer
William T. Jones, Jr. $42,181.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Corporal & Evidence Officer
Dalton Ray Jordan $38,555.00 Unclassified Welding Maintenance Leaderman
Michael W. Kelly $56,008.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Sergeant
Colby J. Lacombe $22,880.00 Unclassified Motorists Assistance Patrol
Ashley T. Lang $25,742.00 Unclassified North Shore Commuter Sales Clerk
Karen Lewis $35,782.00 Unclassified Communications - Dispatch
Deborah P. Lopreore $103,740.00 Unclassified Chief of Staff
Theresa D. Lott $20,353.00 Unclassified Toll Collector
Sandra R Maggard $24,960.00 Unclassified Communications - Bascule Operator
Henry Martin, Jr. $26,368.00 Unclassified Bridge, Welding & Grounds Maintenance
Rodney P. Mathews $24,509.00 Unclassified Toll Collector
Michael F Matise $35,693.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Officer
Mikel E. Melton $36,764.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Officer
Anita Mudrick $32,488.00 Unclassified Communications - Dispatch
Tamara Navarre $19,240.00 Unclassified Toll Collector
Fannie P. Norman $26,073.00 Unclassified Toll Collector
Christopher R. Painter $35,693.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Officer
Melissa M. Phillpott $70,000.00 Unclassified Chief Financial Officer
John M. Pounds $28,989.00 Unclassified Communications - Bascule Operator
Shawn Rice $35,693.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Officer
Kenneth E. Robinson $20,010.00 Unclassified Command Post - Security Cameras
Ryan M Robinson $23,566.00 Unclassified Motorists Assistance Patrol
Joycelyn A. Schaeffer $35,801.00 Unclassified Communications - Dispatch
Crystal C. Scott $25,958.00 Unclassified Command Post - Security Cameras Watch Commander
Robert S. Sharp $37,150.00 Unclassified Electrical Maintenance
Herman A. Sharp, Jr. $51,750.00 Unclassified North Shore Maintenance Supervisor
Brandy M. Smith $31,696.00 Unclassified Communications - Dispatch
Tiffany L. Smith $22,951.00 Unclassified Toll Collector
Kenneth Spikes $30,254.00 Unclassified Motorists Assistance Patrol
Christopher J. Stonecypher $22,048.00 Unclassified Vehicle Maintenance
Scott C. Strauss $31,375.00 Unclassified Communications - Bascule Operator
Brian K. Supan $35,693.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Officer
Jennifer M. Sylve $23,278.00 Unclassified Toll Collector
Brian Taylor $30,687.00 Unclassified Communications - Bascule Operator
Walter J. Teoulet III $28,607.00 Unclassified Huey P. Long Bridge Motorists Assistance Patrol
Conner B. Thames $22,880.00 Unclassified Motorist Assistance Patrol
Gilda M. Thomas $26,326.00 Unclassified Bridge Monitor
Tristan S. Thomas $35,693.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Officer
James A. Thompson II $68,243.00 Unclassified North Shore Supervisor
Richard D. Ventola, Sr. $23,995.00 Unclassified Bridge, Welding & Grounds Maintenance
Michael B. Viola $69,694.00 Unclassified Causeway Police Sergeant
Eric C. Wathan $29,868.00 Unclassified South Shore Maintenance
Barry A. Watts $48,737.00 Unclassified Communications - Bascule Supervisor
Keith E. Weber $22,700.00 Unclassified South Shore Commuter Sales Clerk
H. P. White $37,752.00 Unclassified Motorists Assistance Patrol
Mary P. Wicks $34,229.00 Unclassified Communications - Dispatch
Marlene L. Williams $23,141.00 Unclassified Toll Collector
Robert R. Willie $51,820.00 Unclassified Maintenance Electrical Supervisor
Terrence Wilson $13,413.00 Part-time Toll Collector
Anthony P. Zito $36,581.00 Unclassified North Shore Commuter Sales Leaderman
Elizabeth Zweifel $44,415.00 Unclassified Communications - Dispatch TAC Officer
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