Immersive Technologies Enterprise Commission Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Lauren Bostic $0.00 Part-time Bs. Development & Marketing
Chuck Covert $0.00 Part-time Maintenance Technician
Justin Gondron $0.00 Unclassified Lead Software Developer
Malcolm Guillory $0.00 Unclassified Help Desk Technician
Melanie LeMaire $0.00 Unclassified Facilities Manager
Raegan Maggio $0.00 Part-time Accounting
Tara McDonald $0.00 Unclassified Accounting
Robert Minvielle $0.00 Unclassified Lead Systems Administrator & Data Center Manager
Kam Ng $0.00 Unclassified Chief Executive Officer
Erick Olson $0.00 Unclassified CG Artist
Adam Prejean $0.00 Unclassified CG Artist
Skyra Rideaux $0.00 Unclassified Events and Public Relations Coordinator
Erin Ryan $0.00 Unclassified Director of Communications & Facilities
Marilyn Sanchez-Lopez $0.00 Unclassified Housekeeping
Cathy Simon $0.00 Unclassified Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Josh Sonnier $0.00 Unclassified Director of Technology/Product Development
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