Red River Waterway Commission Board of Commissioners Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Vernon Greylen Barnett $55,213.00 Unclassified Survey Supervisor
Larry A Baum $35,543.00 Unclassified Park Ranger I - South
Michael B. Boydstun $105,145.00 Unclassified Operations & Maintenance Director
David A. Brewster $39,574.00 Unclassified Park Maintenance - South
Colin S. Brown $108,961.00 Unclassified Assistant Executive Director
Richard Cockrell $10.00 Part-time RV Park Attendant - Colfax
Leonard W., Jr. Corbin $41,195.00 Unclassified Maintenance Supervisor - Central
Louis DeWitt Daigre $65,742.00 Unclassified Maintenance Supervisor - South
Lillie M. Delphin $46,559.00 Unclassified Adminsitrative Assistant I
Mark R. Faraldo $38,097.00 Unclassified Park Maintenance - South
Marty J. Fletcher $16.00 Part-time Park Ranger I
Kenneth P. Guidry $130,000.00 Unclassified Executive Director
Ryan H Ingles $7,750.00 Unclassified Staff Engineer
Phyllis Delilah McLaren $42,508.00 Unclassified Administrative Assistant
Todd Meyers $41,627.00 Unclassified Park Ranger II
Jerry Moreau $10.00 Part-time RV Park Attendant - Colfax
William R. Nolan $43,238.00 Unclassified RV Park Manager - Colfax
David Nugent $38,623.00 Unclassified Assistant Park Manager - Colfax
Donald J. Pearson $93,015.00 Unclassified Real Estate Manager
Vernon L. Roberson $51,546.00 Unclassified Park Ranger Supervisor - II
Greg Robertson $61,446.00 Unclassified Engineer Staff - Construction Technician I
Catherine D. Rushing $54,494.00 Unclassified Executive Assistant
Gregory C. Sanchez $42,030.00 Unclassified Park Ranger II - Central
Douglas E Selby $52,640.00 Unclassified Maintenance Supervisor - Central
Steve W. Spacek $54,220.00 Unclassified Maintenance Supervisor - North
Paula Turnage $12.00 Part-time Park Maintenance - Ben Routh
Robert F Vinet $107,500.00 Unclassified Marketing Director
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