Louisiana School Employees' Retirement System Board of Trustees Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Jack Allen $100,243.00 Classified IT Director 2
Lauren Bailey $86,528.00 Unclassified Executive Counsel
Cynthia Balint $46,422.00 Classified Retirement Benefit Analyst 3
Indira Bandi $43,221.00 Classified IT Applications Program Analyst 2
Michelle Bridges $64,593.00 Classified Retirement Benefit Supervisor
Charles Bujol $141,754.00 Unclassified Executive Director
Melinda Carson $75,712.00 Classified Accounantant Administrator 2
Karl Cheek $29,809.00 Classified Maintenance Repairer Master
JoAnn Crosby $47,179.00 Classified Accountant 3
Larisa Ellard $38,613.00 Classified Auditor 2
Carolyn Forbes $106,862.00 Unclassified Assistant Director
Leslie Freeman $26,456.00 Classified IT Equipment Operator 3
Mitchell Garlington $60,007.00 Classified Retirement Assistant Administrator
Kim Green $28,641.00 Classified Administrative Coordinator 2
M. Liz Guidry $63,726.00 Classified Human Resources Specialist
Danielle Guillot $49,927.00 Classified Retirement Benefit Analyst 3
Heidi Guillot $50,857.00 Classified Retirement Benefit Analyst 3
Anthony Guzzardo $73,073.00 Classified IT Technical Support Specialist 3
Alison Kessler $61,543.00 Classified Executive Staff Officer
Laura Pryer $40,019.00 Classified Administrative Coordinator 4
Alice Quinn $85,749.00 Classified IT Management Consultant 1
Heidi Rowland $75,799.00 Classified Executive Management Officer
Christopher Saik $83,197.00 Unclassified Chief Investment Officer
Mandy Schof $59,424.00 Classified Retirement Benefit Specialist
Fred Seekins $51,396.00 Classified Facility Maintenance Manager
Shemeka Selders $53,042.00 Classified Retirement Benefits Analyst 3
Laurie Stark $35,347.00 Classified Administrative Assistant 5
Kimberlyn Stewart $38,505.00 Classified Accountant 3
Cynthia Terranova $47,114.00 Classified Accountant 3
Patricia Traylor $54,080.00 Classified Retirement Benefits Educator
Vacant Vacant $7,875.00 Part-time Student Worker
Vacant Vacant $89,253.00 Classified IT Project Leader
Vacant Vacant $50,000.00 Classified Investment Officer 2
Vacant Vacant $55,883.00 Classified Administrative Assistant 6
Stephanie Vicari $77,958.00 Classified IT Applications Program Analyst 2
Chenfe Zhou $56,070.00 Classified Accountant Manager 1
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