Tax Free Shopping Commission Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Teodora Alumbres $0.00 Part-time Clerk
Melissa Brumfield $31,013.00 Classified Admin Coordinator 2
Maria Bucalan $0.00 Part-time Clerk
Joseph D'Arcangelo $48,674.00 Unclassified Assistant Director
Delsi Huertas $21,840.00 Classified Admin Coordinator 1
Shelby King $0.00 Part-time Clerk
Noah Netzhammer $0.00 Part-time Student Worker
Noel Netzhammer $0.00 Part-time Clerk
Alma Padilla $0.00 Part-time Clerk
Sandra Ruiz $0.00 Part-time Clerk
Georjanny Shiple $0.00 Part-time Clerk
Gwendolyn Stewart $0.00 Part-time Clerk
Denise Thevenot $62,107.00 Classified Executive Director
Styliani Thornton $46,792.00 Classified Accounting Specialist Suprv
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