Board of Regents Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Matthew Adams $57,000.00 Unclassified Policy Analyst
Katara Allen $89,000.00 Unclassified Assistant Commissioner
Nancy Allen $49,788.00 Unclassified Asst. Program Manager
Carolyn Blanchard $75,712.00 Unclassified Executive Assistant to the Board
Donald Boeckman $85,280.00 Unclassified Analyst
Harold Boutte $95,118.00 Unclassified Assist. Comm. for Administrative Services
Michelle Brandon $41,142.00 Classified Administrative Assistant 5
Chandra Cheatham $65,624.00 Unclassified Administrative Coordinator
Kerry Davidson $184,829.00 Unclassified Deputy Comm.- Sponsored Programs
Vera Dear $40,706.00 Classified Administrative Assist. 4
Alysia Delone $40,000.00 Unclassified Grants and Contract Co-ordinator
Karen Denby $106,080.00 Unclassified Interim Assoc. Comm for Academic Affairs
LeAnn Detillier $74,880.00 Unclassified Assistant Commissioner
Marlene Freeman $85,530.00 Unclassified Assist. Comm. for Fiscal Affairs
James Gershey $82,347.00 Unclassified Executive Director of Special Programs
Terrence Ginn $119,600.00 Unclassified Associate Commissioner for Finance and Administrat
Barbara Goodson $171,600.00 Unclassified Deputy Comm. for Finance and Admin.
Aisha Griffin $46,800.00 Unclassified Higher Education Auditor
Christopher Herrring $73,258.00 Unclassified Asst. Comm. for Finance & Facilities
Jill Holton $39,291.00 Classified Administrative Coordinator 4
Kathy Hoyt $52,000.00 Unclassified Executive Asst. to the Commissioner
Susan Jernigan $48,194.00 Unclassified EPSCOR Program Associate
Bryan Jones $54,267.00 Unclassified Enhancement Program Manager
Jeannine Kahn $93,600.00 Unclassified Assist. Comm for Academic Affairs
Denise Kirkland $64,522.00 Unclassified Finance Specialist
Kimberly Kirkpatrick $104,000.00 Unclassified Assoc. Comm. for Information Services
Kristi Kron $51,088.00 Unclassified Asst. Program Manager
James Kuhns $62,400.00 Unclassified ATM Network Specialist
Noreen Lackett $60,798.00 Unclassified Enhancement Program Manager
Dewayne Lacombe $36,400.00 Unclassified Information Services Staff Member
Carol Marabella $71,885.00 Unclassified Proprietary School Program Administrator
Linda Marino $50,357.00 Unclassified Administrative Assistant
Angela Mastainich $67,246.00 Unclassified Contract and Administrative Coord.
Christopher Mestayer $46,800.00 Unclassified Auditor
Lance Neal $83,200.00 Unclassified Asst. Comm. for Info Svcs & Data Mgmt
Christine Norton $53,914.00 Unclassified Manager of Grants, Contracts, Grad. Fellow
Lori Parker $95,680.00 Unclassified Asst. Commissioner for Budget Analysis
Jessica Patton $52,166.00 Unclassified EPSCOR Program Associate
Karthik Poobalasubramanian $68,619.00 Unclassified Programmer
Carrie Robinson $102,440.00 Unclassified Assoc.Commissioner of Sponsored Programs
Emily Saleh $74,880.00 Unclassified Analyst
Gayla Sanchez $36,558.00 Unclassified Admin Assistant 4
Mary Schauf $56,930.00 Unclassified Programmer/Analyst
Zenovia Simmons $55,245.00 Unclassified Research & Development Mgr.
Kimberly Small $60,258.00 Unclassified Human Resource Officer
Carla Smith $34,403.00 Classified Administrative Assistant V
Lisa Smith-Vosper $100,900.00 Unclassified Assoc. Comm for Workforce & Training
Uma Subramanian $165,000.00 Unclassified General Counsel
Larry Tremblay $163,509.00 Unclassified Deputy Comm for Planning Research & Perf.
Tony Wilson $48,360.00 Unclassified Network Operations Manager
Vikas Yadav $56,160.00 Unclassified Analyst
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