Louisiana Educational Television Authority Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Roland Alford $67,153.00 Classified TV Engineer 3
Gary Allen $68,079.00 Classified TV Senior Producer 1
Larry Allen $59,883.00 Classified TV Engineer Section Mgr
Donald Ballard $69,535.00 Classified TV Manager
Leonardo Barbier $38,522.00 Classified Computer Graphic Design Mgr
Elizabeth Barnes $59,655.00 Classified TV Producer
Charles Belsom $100,256.00 Unclassified Deputy Director
Kenneth Bloxson $35,610.00 Classified TV Engineer 2
John Blue $57,574.00 Classified TV Engineer 2
Sally Budd $50,232.00 Classified TV Lighting Dir Stage Mgr
Chante Burt $42,765.00 Classified Admin Coordinator 4
Mark Carroll $59,488.00 Classified Computer Graph Design Mgr
Cynthia Chambers $38,023.00 Classified Admin Coordinator 4
Clarence Copeland $84,053.00 Classified TV Engineer Director
Elizabeth Courtney $224,940.00 Unclassified General Manager
Lorraine Couvillion $39,021.00 Classified Accounting Technician
Kethley Crews $49,317.00 Classified TV Camera Operator 3
Worner Cruse $62,546.00 Classified TV Engineer 3
Kimberly Ducote $63,128.00 Classified Accountant Manager 1
Jodie Fontenot $60,861.00 Classified TV Senior Director
Rex Fortenberry $52,292.00 Classified TV Camera Operator 3
Clay Fourrier $87,423.00 Classified TV Executive Producer
Joanne Gaudet $90,210.00 Unclassified Director
Kevin Gautreaux $46,384.00 Classified TV Producer
Alfonso Godoy $68,395.00 Classified 65770
Robert Hess $63,648.00 Classified IT Tech Support Anl 2
Lawana James $12,730.00 Classified Admin Coordinator 1
Kirk Jones $71,032.00 Classified TV Engineer Section Mgr
Todd Justice $55,391.00 Classified TV Engineer 3
Yavonya Kelley $47,508.00 Classified Human Resources Analyst C
Dorothy Kendrick $56,223.00 Classified TV Senior Producer 1
Donna Lafleur $53,519.00 Classified TV Director
Jeanne Lamy $51,876.00 Classified IT Applications Prog 2
Gerald Langlois $45,324.00 Classified TV Producer
Elsie Laudun $70,242.00 Classified TV Senior Producer 2
Marian Lefebvre $50,877.00 Classified Admin Prog Spec A
Sabrina Marcelle $43,077.00 Classified TV Operations Supervisor
Romulus McKenzie $38,543.00 Classified TV Engineer 2
Robert McNamee $58,365.00 Classified TV Engineer 2
Christina Melton $54,881.00 Unclassified Project Coordinator
Kenneth Miller $78,583.00 Classified TV Production Manager
Christopher Miranda $71,494.00 Classified TV Engineer Section Mgr
Gary Mire $64,543.00 Classified Educl TV Techno Manager
Candace Morgan $80,559.00 Classified Human Resources Director
Robert Neese $64,980.00 Classified Public Information Director
Rebecca Pittman $50,690.00 Classified TV Engineer 3
Steven Ringo $57,346.00 Classified TV Engineer Transmit Supv
Bennie Robertson $56,431.00 Classified TV Engineer 3
Shauna Sanford $49,234.00 Unclassified Project Coordinator
Margaret Schlaudecker $53,228.00 Classified Public Information Officer
Dana Searcy $64,252.00 Classified TV Engineer Transmit Supv
Jeanne Smith $62,338.00 Unclassified Project Developer
John Tooraen $83,762.00 Classified IT Appl Project Leader
Nancy Tooraen $57,200.00 Classified TV Manager
Position Vacant 1 $38,562.00 Classified Admin Coordinator 4
Position Vacant 2 $47,241.00 Classified Admin Assistant
Position Vacant 3 $44,141.00 Classified Accountant 2
Position Vacant 4 $45,905.00 Classified TV Engineer 2
Position Vacant 5 $45,905.00 Classified TV Engineer 2
Position Vacant 6 $60,173.00 Classified IT Tech Support Spec 2
Position Vacant 7 $68,911.00 Classified TV Engineer Asst Director
Position Vacant 8 $45,910.00 Classified TV Engineer Transmit
Position Vacant 9 $43,030.00 Classified Admin Prog Spec A
Jason Viso $76,752.00 Classified TV Programming Director
Myra Walters $41,413.00 Classified Admin Assistant 4
Randy Ward $86,653.00 Classified TV Engineer Director
Jack Warren $50,711.00 Classified TV Engineer 2
Donald Washington $51,834.00 Classified TV Engineer 2
Charles Whinham $49,130.00 Classified TV Producer
Benjamin Williams $63,628.00 Classified TV Producer
Frederick Wilson $47,258.00 Classified Facility Maintenance Manager
Mark Wilson $57,866.00 Classified TV Engineer Section Mgr
Virnado Woods $43,202.00 Classified TV Camera Operator 2
William Woodside $71,012.00 Classified TV Engineer Section Mgr
Ellen Wydra $96,554.00 Classified Educl Tech Sr Cons
Allegra Yancey $58,552.00 Classified TV Producer
Joslyn Yeager $51,564.00 Classified TV Manager
Walter Young $68,100.00 Classified TV Engineer Transmit Supv
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