Public Defender Board Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Barbara Baier $93,600.00 Classified General Counsel 1
Gina Carley $40,560.00 Classified Administrative Coordinator
Natashia Carter $70,528.00 Classified Budget Adminstrator
James Dixon $162,404.00 Unclassified State Public Defender
Jean Faria $142,636.00 Unclassified Capital Case Coordinator
Julie Gregory $40,560.00 Classified Paralegal, Training Division
Anne Gwin $70,304.00 Unclassified Executive Assistant to the State Public Defender
Caressa Hall $49,400.00 Classified Accountant
Tierre Hazlewood $39,520.00 Classified Admininstrative Coord/Capital-Juvenile Divisions
William May $49,920.00 Classified Tech Support Specialist
Elizabeth Perry $42,500.00 Classified Paralegal - Compliance and Legal Divisions
Richard Pittman $104,000.00 Unclassified Deputy State Public Defender - Director of Juvenil
Cristine Roussel $47,590.00 Classified Policy Planner 1 - ITM
Tiffany Simpson $89,000.00 Unclassified Juvenile Justice Compliance Officer
Rachel Smith $33,695.00 Classified Administrative Coordinator - Purchasing-Procuremen
Erik Stilling $103,480.00 Unclassified Information and Technology Manager
Aliseia Williams $28,600.00 Classified Administrative Coordinator/Payroll
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