Sabine River Authority Board of Commissioners Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Rebecca Anderson $20.00 Classified Administrative Assistant
Kari Anthony $19.00 Classified Administrative Coordinator
Eddie Arbuckle $7.00 Part-time Park Attendant
Cynthia Barnette $9.00 Classified Helper
Teresa Barron $14.00 Classified Administrative Supervisor
John Boudreaux $15.00 Classified MEO 2
Jeffery Boyt $21.00 Classified MEO 1 Heavy
Esther Burnette $11.00 Classified Accounting Specialist
Monty Campbell $19.00 Classified ME Master Mechanic
Michael Carr $40.00 Classified Facility Manager
Mary Carter $8.00 Classified Admin. Coodinator 1
Joey Cartinez $18.00 Classified Maintenance Repair Master
John Cary $19.00 Classified MEO 1 Heavy
Carl Chance $39.00 Classified IT Director
Kyle Chapman $10.00 Classified MR 1
Ronald Cole $20.00 Classified Land Specialist 3
Rita Darnell $7.00 Part-time Park Attendant
Cheryl Ebarb $13.00 Classified Tourism Supervisor
Kellie Ferguson $36.00 Classified Administrative Director
Logan Ferguson $7.00 Part-time student worker
Sue Fife $12.00 Part-time Park Attendant
Philip Finn $29.00 Classified Levee Maintenance Superintendant
Jared Fisette $7.00 Part-time student worker
Elgin Gosey $11.00 Classified Maintenance Repair 1
Truett Gregory $28.00 Classified Marine Maintenance Superintendant
Janice Hutton $16.00 Classified Horticultural Att.L.
Matthew Istre $27.00 Classified Electrician Specialist
Rodney Johnson $24.00 Classified Levee Foreman
Daniel Jones $26.00 Classified Assistant Facility Maintenance Manager
Robert LaGrange $12.00 Classified ME Master Mechanic
Even Landreneau $15.00 Classified Maintenance Repair
Arlin Levy $26.00 Classified Electrician Specialist
Lynn Maines $22.00 Classified Accounting Tech
Ariana Martinez $7.00 Part-time student worker
Edwin McCullough $16.00 Classified ME Master Mechanic
Brian McDonald $25.00 Classified Engineering Technician
Tina McMillian $7.00 Part-time Park Attendant
Chevelos Medlock $24.00 Classified Procurement Specialist
Ashley Mitchell $9.00 Classified Tourist Info Counselor
Ron Mitchell $20.00 Classified Levee Foreman
Patricia Norwood $9.00 Classified Adm. Coord
Justin Owens $7.00 Part-time Student
Jacob Oxley $7.00 Part-time Student
Michael Parady $11.00 Classified Maintenance Repair 1
James Pratt $65.00 Unclassified Executive Director
Joseph Remedies $24.00 Classified Maintenance Foreman
Lori Romero $14.00 Classified Accounting Specialist
Barton Rumsey $58.00 Unclassified Confidential Assistant
Aletha Rutherford $7.00 Part-time Park Attendant
Amanda Rutherford $8.00 Classified Helper
Pam Sanderson $12.00 Classified Administrative Coordinator
Connie Sepulvado $9.00 Classified Helper
Clyde Sims $7.00 Part-time Park Attendant
Arlis Smith $19.00 Classified MEO 1 Heavy
Jeremy Strother $17.00 Classified Carpenter
Harold Temple $25.00 Classified Administrative Program Specialist
Gloria Thompson $12.00 Part-time Park Attendant
Bailey Walker $7.00 Part-time Student
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