University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
$27,000.00 Unclassified Assistant to Finance
$375,000.00 Unclassified President
$155,000.00 Unclassified Vice President for Business and Finance
$175,000.00 Unclassified Provost & Vice President for Academic & Student Af
$80,000.00 Unclassified Director of Finance & Operations
$75,000.00 Unclassified Executive Assistant to the President
$115,000.00 Unclassified Assistant Vice President for Budget
$63,253.00 Unclassified Facilities Planning Coordinator
$39,000.00 Unclassified Assistant to Academic Affairs
$67,000.00 Unclassified Executive Director for Academic Services & Plannin
$46,830.00 Unclassified Board Administrative Assistant
$72,000.00 Unclassified Assistant Vice President for Communications
$73,619.00 Unclassified Comptroller
$95,000.00 Unclassified Director of Internal & External Audit
$60,000.00 Unclassified Analytics Manger
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