Workers' Compensation Second Injury Board Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Crystal Barnes $34,320.00 Classified Accounting Specialist
Claudia Brumfield $24,876.00 Classified Administrative Assistant
Shaneka Davis $24,169.00 Classified Administrative Coordinator
Latoya Fernandez $29,764.00 Classified Program Compliance Officer
Tiffany Griffin $29,931.00 Classified Program Compliance Officer
Stacey Hardwick $28,142.00 Classified Accounting Specialist
Laquita Jackson $19,177.00 Classified Administrative Assistant
Lakisha Johnson $38,979.00 Classified Program Compliance Officer
Edith Kirby $30,118.00 Classified Accounting Technician
Michelle Sumrall $49,649.00 Classified Program Compliance Supervisor
Pauline Williams $87,402.00 Classified Director
Sylvia Wright $32,572.00 Classified Administrative Assistant
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