Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority Board of Commissioners Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Robert Aucoin $45,572.00 Classified Accountant 3
Terrin Boudreaux $43,472.00 Classified Fireman
Gerard Brown $44,388.00 Classified Fireman
Joan Coats $45,780.00 Classified Compliance Specialist
Vanessa Coleman $27,248.00 Classified Guard
Tony Collins $45,510.00 Classified Fireman
Dave Dabney $38,729.00 Classified Accounting Specialist
Herbert DeHarde, Jr $46,779.00 Classified Electrician
Charles Dixon $72,009.00 Classified Marina Manager
Philip Jones $29,416.00 Classified Fuel Farm Assistant
Joy Lewis $30,908.00 Classified Office Coordinator
Sharon Martiny $32,760.00 Classified Executive Assistant
James Mazerat $36,692.00 Classified Fireman
Helaine Milner $31,428.00 Classified Office Coordinator
Ben Morris $69,992.00 Unclassified Airport Director
Fred Pruitt $58,303.00 Classified Fuel Farm Manager
Kris Schmidt $35,319.00 Classified Fireman
Cornelia Ullmann $79,997.00 Unclassified Chief Operating Officer
Chanse Watson $54,000.00 Classified Airport Assistant Director
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