Advisory Committee for the Regulation and Control of Water Well Drillers Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
John Adams $0.00 4 year from 2010 Commissioner of Conservation Designee
Scott Bergeron $0.00 4 year from 2011 Driller at Large appointed by Commissioner of Cons
Herschel Bourque $0.00 4 year From 2014 Domestic Driller appointed by Governor
Jake Causey $0.00 4 year from 2010 Secretary of Health and Hospitals designee
Courtney Chabreck $0.00 4 year from 2009 Irrigation Driller appointed by Governor
Patrick Courrages $0.00 4 year from 2011 Secretary of Natural Resources designee
Gary Hill $0.00 Ex-Officio from 2014 Driller at Large appointed by Commissioner of Cons
John Lovelace $0.00 4 year from 2015 USGS Representative
Terry Suire $0.00 4 Year from 2014 LA Water Drillers Assoc appointed by Governor
Roy Waggenspack $0.00 4 year from 2008 La Engineering Society Designee
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