Ambulance Standards Committee Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
George Alamond $0.00 N/A 5 years Appointed
Susan Bankston $0.00 N/A 14 years Appointment
Dr. Chuck Burnell $0.00 N/A New Appointment
Robert Daughdril $0.00 N/A 5 years Appointment
Steve Erwin $0.00 N/A 14 years Virtue of position
Dr. Darrell Graham $0.00 N/A New Appointment
Jim Graves $0.00 N/A 5 years Appointment
Jimmy Guidry $0.00 N/A 14 years Virtue of position
Mike Guiillot $0.00 N/A 2 years Appointment
Deborah Huffman $0.00 N/A 14 years Virtue of position
Tommy Loyacono $0.00 N/A 14 years Appointment
David Marcus $0.00 N/A 5 years Appointment
Chief Ernest Mitchell $0.00 N/A New Appointment
Donna Newchurch $0.00 N/A 5 years Ex-Officio
Steve Phillipe $0.00 N/A 1 year Virtue of position
Porter Taylor $0.00 N/A 5 years Appointment
Dr. Joseph Uddo $0.00 N/A New Appointed
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