Ascension-St. James Airport and Transportation Authority Board of Commissioners Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
Jared Amato $0.00 Govenor's Pleasure 5 years St. James Parish
Robert Jackson $0.00 Govenor's Pleasure 29 years Ascension Parish
Lenny Johnson $0.00 Govenor's Pleasure 5 years At-Large
Roger Keese $0.00 Govenor's Pleasure 5 years Ascension Parish
James Mitchell $0.00 Govenor's Pleasure 4 years St. James Parish
Calvin Narcisse $0.00 Govenor's Pleasure 9 years At-Large
Doyle M. Philipee $0.00 Govenors Pleasure 4 years At-Large
James Riviere $0.00 Govenors Pleasure 1 year St. James Parish
George Rodeillat $0.00 Govenors Pleasure 9 years Ascension Parish
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