Governor's Advisory Council on Disability Affairs Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
Harold Beck $0.00 ex officio 07/25/08 designee of DOTD
Yvonne Bell $0.00 Governor's Pleasure 11/07/08 Gov Appt-At-Large
Donna Breaux $0.00 Governor's Pleasure 7/25/08 Gov App-At-Large
Sharon Buchert $0.00 ex officio 10/31/12 Designee of Elderly Affairs
Benjamin Cornwell $0.00 Governor's Pleasure 6/25/12 Gov App-Higher Education
Amy Dawson $0.00 ex officio 12/05/12 Designee of Homeland Secty
Tara Delee $0.00 ex officio 11/20/13 Designee of OBH
Yvonne Dorsey $0.00 Pleasure 11/10/10 Member of Senate
Lynette Fontenot $0.00 Governor's Pleasure 12/21/12 At-Large
Mitch Granger $0.00 ex officio 01/14/13 Statewide Independent Living Council
Melissa "Missy" Graves $0.00 ex officio 06/25/12 Designee of the Governor
Willard Hamilton $0.00 ex officio 7/25/08 Designee of State Treasurer
Sharon Hennessey $0.00 Governor's Pleasure 12/21/12 At-Large
Nancy Hicks $0.00 ex officio 05/16/13 DOE - Div of Special Populations
Margaret Hill $0.00 ex officio 9/29/10 Designee of State Fire Marshall
Brandi Jones $0.00 ex officio 08/06/12 Designee of the DD Council
Brandon Jones $0.00 Governor's Pleasure 6/25/12 At-Large
Stephen Kauffman $0.00 ex officio 7/25/08 Designee of the Advocacy Center
Libby Murphy $0.00 ex officio 08/5/14 Designee of Louisiana Rehabilitation Council
Julie Nesbit $0.00 ex officio 7/25/08 Designee of LATAN
Kelly Serrett $0.00 ex officio 10/29/12 Executive Director of the Arc of Louisiana
Scott Simon $0.00 Pleasure 7/25/08 Member of House
Donna St. Cyr $0.00 Governor's Pleasure 12/21/12 At-Large
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