Pet Overpopulation Advisory Council Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
Gary Balsamo $0.00 4 years 4 years Represents Dept of Health and Hospitals/appointed
Lynn Buzhardt $0.00 Open 12 years Represents Louisiana Veterinary Medical Associatio
Jeff Dorson $0.00 Open 3 years Represents Humane Society of Louisiana/appointed b
Maurice Durbin $0.00 Open 7 years Represents public animal sheltering agency/appoint
Lea Lintern $0.00 Open 2 years Represents Southern Animal Foundation/appointed by
Jean-Paul J. Morrell $0.00 Open 2 years Represents Senate; appointed by president
Diane Stacy $0.00 Open 3 years Represents state veterinarian or his designee
Deanna Theis $0.00 by legislative appointment open see "terms"
Janie Valle $0.00 Open 4 years Represents private animal sheltering agency/appoin
Gary Watson $0.00 Open 3 years Represents Department of Public Safety and Correct
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