Louisiana State Employees' Retirement System Board of Trustees Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
Thomas Bickham $0.00 1st term since 2012 Elected
Connie Carlton $0.00 3rd consecutive term since 1986 Elected
Senator Elbert Guillory $0.00 0 since 2012 Ex Officio
Beverly Hodges $0.00 serving 1st term since 2010 Elected
Lansing Janice $0.00 serving 1st term since 2010 Elected
Honorable John Kennedy $0.00 0 since 1999 Ex Officio
Judge William Kleinpeter $0.00 1st term since 2012 Appointed to fill vacancy
Barbara McManus $0.00 3rd consecutive term since 1976 Elected
Commissioner Kristy Nichols $0.00 0 since 2012 Ex-Officio
Representative J. Kevin Pearson $0.00 0 since 2010 Ex Officio
Lori Pierce $0.00 serving 1st term since 2010, previously served as designee for Trea Elected
Kathy Singleton $0.00 serving 1st term (as retired member) since 1996 Elected
Shannon Templet $0.00 1st term since 2012 Elected
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