Transportation Authority Board of Directors Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
Jackie Adcock $0.00 Appointed by Governor Since July of 2009 Appointed by Govenor
Robert Adley $0.00 Since March 2012 While Chairman of Senate Transportation Committee Statutory
John Alario $0.00 While President of the Senate Since March 2012 Statutory
Ruth Johnson $0.00 While Appointed by the Governor Since July 2012 Appointment by Governor
Sherri LeBas $0.00 While Secretary of DOTD Since February 2010 Statutory
James Morris $0.00 Appointed by Speaker of the House Since March 2009 Designee by Speaker of the House
Paul Sawyer $0.00 While Appointed by Secretary of LED Since July 2010 Appointed by Secretary of LED
Karen St. Germain $0.00 While Chairman of House Transportation Committee Since March 2012 Statutory
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