Commission for the Deaf Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
Moises Arriaga, M.D. $0.00 Appointee 10/18/13 Professional representative
Representative Regina A. Barrow $0.00 Ex-officio 02/01/12 Designee, Speaker of the House of Repres
Nancy Benham, Ph.D. $0.00 Ex-officio 07/09/12 Director, Louisiana School for the Deaf
Brandi Berkeley $0.00 Appointee 05/05/08 Parent of deaf child
Brandon Burris $0.00 Appointee 10/27/08 - 03/12/15 Professional representative
Louis Cannon $0.00 Ex-officio 07/03/13 President, LA Association of the Deaf
Thelma Covello $0.00 Appointee 12/18/02 - 4/3/12 Deaf Representative
John K. Davis $0.00 Appointee 5/20/09 Deaf Representative
Senator Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb $0.00 Ex-officio 8/8/08 Designee, President of the Senate
Deanna Hardy $0.00 Appointee 10/24/11 - 10/23/15 Parent of deaf child
Nancy Hicks $0.00 Ex-officio 08/23/13 Designee, Superintendent, Dept. of Education
Carolyn Jarrels $0.00 Ex-officio 01/22/09 Designee, Exec. Dir., LA Workforce Commission
M. Leslie Knowles $0.00 Ex-officio 09/19/12 Designee for President, LA Registry of Interpreter
Lee Mendoza, Ph.D. $0.00 Ex-officio 08/13/12 Designee, Secretary, Dept. of Health and Hospitals
Gary Montgomery $0.00 Ex-officio 10/05/11 Designee, Director, LA Rehabilitation Services
Suzy Sonnier $0.00 Ex-officio 02/07/2013 Secretary, Dept.of Children and Fa
John Vincent II $0.00 Appointee 10/4/13 - 10/3/15 Individual w/ hearing loss (hard of hearing)
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