Drug Policy Board Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
Carl Aron $0.00 Concurrent Appointed 08/06/09 Appointed by Board of Pharmacy
Trent Brignac $0.00 Concurrent Appointed 08/14/09 Appointed by Governor; Rep of DA's Association
Michael Comeaux $0.00 Ex Officio Appointed 05/16/13 Designee of State Superintendent of Education
Kerri Cunningham $0.00 Ex Officio Appointed 01/08/15 Chairman of Commission on Addictive Di
Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb $0.00 Concurrent Appointed 08/17/09 Member of Senate Cmte on H&W as designated by Pres
Michael Edmonson $0.00 Ex Officio Appointed 01/10/12 Superintendent of State Police
Anthony Ellis $0.00 Ex Officio Appointed 09/15/10 Designee of Secretary of DCFS
Tracy D. Farris $0.00 Concurrent Appointed 01/18/13 Designee of the Attorney General
Melissa Graves $0.00 Concurrent Appointed 03/22/10 Ex-officio; Executive Director of Safe and Drug Fr
Rochelle Head-Dunham $0.00 Ex Officio Appointed 09/08/10 Designee of Secretary of Health and Hospitals
Sasha Hyderkhan $0.00 Ex Officio Appointed 01/10/11 Designee of Commissioner of ATC
James LeBlanc $0.00 Ex Officio Appointed 01/10/12 Secretary of Department of Corrections
John LeBlanc $0.00 Concurrent Appointed 08/19/09 Appointed by Highway Safety Commission
Frank Neuner $0.00 Concurrent Appointed 04/26/13 Appointed by Gov; Represents Indigent Defender Sys
Robert Patrick $0.00 Concurrent Appointed 10/08/11 Appointed by Governor; Represents Alcohol Industry
J. Rogers Pope $0.00 Concurrent Appointed 08/05/09 Member of House Cmte on H&W as designated by Speak
Ken Roy $0.00 Concurrent Appointed 07/16/08 Appointed by Governor; Represents private organiza
Raymond Schindler $0.00 Concurrent Appointed 08/31/09 Ex-officio; Designee of Commander in Chief of Nati
Mike Waguespack $0.00 Concurrent Appointed 07/16/08 Appointed by Governor; Represents LA Sheriffs Asso
Joseph Watson $0.00 Concurrent Appointed 01/25/10 Ex-officio; Executive Director of Commission on La
Howard Wetsman $0.00 Concurrent Appointed 10/02/09 Appointed by Governor; Physician representing fiel
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