Florida Parishes Human Services Authority Governing Board Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
TaMarlon Carter $0.00 1 2015-present Tangipahoa Parish President
David Cressy $0.00 1 2014-present St. Tammany Parish Council
Celeste Falconer $0.00 1 2015-present St. Tammany Parish President
Danielle Keys $0.00 1 2015-present Washington Parish President
Mary Pirosko $0.00 2 2011-present Tangipahoa Parish President
Jan Robert $0.00 1 2013-present St. Tammany Parish President
Ligia Soileau $0.00 1 2013-present Livingston Parish President
Carol Stafford $0.00 1 2015-present Livingston Parish President
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