Health Works Commission Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
Christopher Adams $0.00 N/A No limit Senate Committee on Health & Welfare
Lynn Ansardi $0.00 N/A No limit LA State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners
Mignonne Ater $0.00 N/A No Limit LCTCS
Dr. Sheila Chauvin $0.00 N/A No limit LSUHSC-New Orleans
Mary Ann Coleman $0.00 N/A No limit LAICU
Rebecca Dowdy $0.00 N/A No limit LA Hospital Association
Laurie Fontenot $0.00 N/A No Limit Nursing Supply & Demand Council
Lauren Gleason $0.00 No limit No limit Governor's Office
Dr. Sean Graham $0.00 N/A No limit LA State Medical Society
Dr. Henry Gremillion $0.00 N/A No limit Dentistry Group
Representative Kenny Havard $0.00 N/A No limit House Committee on Health & Welfare
Charles Hilton $0.00 N/A No Limit Medical Education Commission
Dr. Edward Martin $0.00 N/A No limit Interagency Task Force Future of Family Medicine
Dr. Joseph McCulloch $0.00 N/A No limit LSUHSC-Shreveport
Charles Moniette $0.00 N/A No limit Occupational Forecasting
Dr. Demetrius Porche $0.00 N/A No limit LA State Board of Nursing
Avis Richard-Griffin $0.00 N/A No limit LA Dept. of Health & Hospitals
Jenee Slocum $0.00 N/A No Limit LA Workforce Commission
Dr. Larry Tremblay $0.00 N/A No limit LA Board of Regents
KarenSue Zoeller $0.00 N/A No limit LA Nursing Home Association
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