Mental Health Advocacy Service Board of Trustees Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
George Daul $0.00 1982-present 31years Tulane Med School
Martin Drell $0.00 2008-present 5 years LSU Med School
Dudley Flanders $0.00 1982 _ present 31 years MHA of Louisiana
Rob Garda $0.00 2003-present 10 years Loyola Law Scxhool
David Katner $0.00 2013-present 1 year Tulane Law School
Hector Lenares $0.00 2012-present 1 year LSU Law School
Paul Race $0.00 2008-present 5 years Southern U. Law School
Steve Scheckman $0.00 2013-present 1 year Louisiana Bar Association
Ron Taravella $0.00 2009-present 4 years La. Medical Society
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