Tuition Trust Authority Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
Barbara Baier $0.00 Indefinite 9 years Appointed by Governor as Proxy for State Treasurer
Scott Ballard $0.00 3 years 1 year 2 months Appointed by the Chairman of the LSU Board of Supe
Dr. Toya Barnes-Teamer $0.00 3 years 2 years Appointed by Louisiana Assocation of Independent C
Erin Bendily $0.00 3 years 1 year Education Superintendent Designee
Raymond Brandt $0.00 3 years 10 months Designee of Chair of Board of Regents
Walter Guidry Jr. $0.00 3 year 0 Louisiana Association of Independent Colleges and
Willie Hendricks $0.00 3 years 5 months Appointed by the Southern University Board of Supe
Honorable Eric Lafleur $0.00 Indefinite 1 year 10 months Appointed by the Governor from the Louisiana State
F. Travis Lavigne, Jr. $0.00 Indefinite 22 years Appointed by the Governor's Office
Myron Lawson $0.00 3 years 2 years 4 months Appointed by Southern University's Board of Superv
Jimmy Long, Sr. $0.00 3 years 12 years 5 months Designee of President of the University of Louisia
Michael Murphy $0.00 3 years 5 years 7 months Appointed by Louisiana Community and Technical Col
Winfred Sibille $0.00 Indefinite 3 years 10 months Chair of University of Louisiana System Board
Wendy Simoneaux $0.00 3 years 1 year 1 month Appointed by the LSU Board of Supervisors
Stephen Toups $0.00 3 years 4 years Appointed by Louisiana Community and Technical Col
Dr. Larry Tremblay $0.00 3 years 4 years 10 months Designee of the Board of Regents
Vacant Vacant $0.00 3 years 0 Proxy for President of Board of Elementary and Sec
Vacant Vacant $0.00 Indefinite 0 Appointed by Governor from House of Representative
Vacant Vacant $0.00 3 years 0 Proprietary Schools
Vacant Vacant $0.00 0 0 Appointed by the Louisiana Association of Independ
John Williams $0.00 Indefinite 3 years 1 month Appointed by Governor as Proxy for LA Banker's Ass
John Woodard $0.00 1 year 5 months Appointed by School System on Rotational Basis as
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