Commission on Perinatal Care and Prevention of Infant Mortality Reimbursements

Board Reimbursement Policy

Sep 14, 2012 Governor Bobby Jindal Issues Executive Order Suspending Board and Commission Per Diems and the Elimination of Certain Boards BATON ROUGE - Today, Governor Bobby Jindal issued an Executive Order suspending the authority of certain boards and commissions to pay per diems and he also declared the elimination of certain boards. MORATORIUM ON BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS AUTHORITY TO PAY PER DIEMS AND ELIMINATION OF CERTAIN BOARDS WHEREAS, Executive Order BJ 201

Member Reimbursements

Name Year Total Reimbursement
Amy Zapata 2013 $0.00
Rebecca Ann Accardo, M.D. -- --
The Honorable R. L. Allain II -- --
Perry Scott Barrilleaux, M.D. -- --
The Honorable Regina Ashford Barrow -- --
Robert P. Blereau, M.D. -- --
Gaye Dean -- --
William L Gill, MD -- --
Debra Hollingsworth, PhD -- --
Beth Manning -- --
Robert Cliff Moore,MD -- --
Egan Pamela B -- --
Tina Stefanski, M.D. -- --
Cong T. Vo, M.D. -- --
Rodney Wise, MD -- --
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