Red River Waterway Commission Board of Commissioners Reimbursements

Board Reimbursement Policy

Commissioners are reimbursed for expenses incurred in their role as a board member with the submission of original receipts; and, reimbursement for mileage at the current rate set forth by the Division of Administration of the State of Louisiana.

Member Reimbursements

Name Year Total Reimbursement
James Douglas Brown 2012 $2,502.00
David L., II Crutchfield 2012 $949.00
Marc, Jr. Dupuy 2012 $7,170.00
A. Paul Fleming 2012 $1,838.00
Randell A. Fletcher 2012 $1,581.00
Andrew J. Hodges 2012 $1,596.00
James F. Maxey 2012 $5,946.00
W. Alvin Owens 2012 $2,236.00
Rogers M. Prestridge 2012 $6,166.00
Michael Brown Simpson 2012 $300.00
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