Florida Parishes Human Services Authority Governing Board Reimbursements

Board Reimbursement Policy

Each board member shall be reimbursed for expenses and mileage at the same rate set by the Division of Administration for state employees for each day in actual attendance at board meetings or for representing the board in an official board-approved activity.

Member Reimbursements

Name Year Total Reimbursement
Linda Deamer-Hart 2014 $0.00
Rubby Douglas 2014 $0.00
Cheryl Klein 2014 $0.00
Mary Pirosko 2014 $0.00
Edward Ratcliff 2014 $0.00
Jan Robert 2014 $0.00
Ligia Soileau 2014 $0.00
Thomas Zachary, Jr. 2014 $0.00
David Cressy -- --
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