Health Education Authority of Louisiana (HEAL) Reimbursements

Board Reimbursement Policy

Act 112 of 1968 - R.S. 17:3051 3054: Meetings; rules; officers; compensation D. No member of the authority shall receive compensation or per diem for service on the authority, but shall be reimbursed for actual expenses while attending meetings and other authority business; such payments to be made in accordance with appropriate state regulations.

Member Reimbursements

Name Year Total Reimbursement
Claudia A. Cavallino, D.D.S. 2013 $0.00
M. Maitland Deland, M.D. 2013 $146.00
Walter "Chip" Flower III 2013 $0.00
Ronald French, M.D. 2013 $0.00
Juan J. Gershanik, M.D. 2013 $0.00
Dolleen Licciardi, M.D. 2013 $0.00
Richard Mahoney 2013 $0.00
Eileen T. Mederos, R.N. 2013 $0.00
M. Cleland Powell, III 2013 $0.00
Jay Shames, M.D. 2013 $0.00
Carroll W. Suggs 2013 $0.00
Kurt M. Weigle 2013 $0.00
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