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The Road Home program is designed to provide compensation to Louisiana homeowners affected by Hurricanes Katrina or Rita for the damage to their homes. The program affords eligible homeowners up to $150,000 in compensation for their losses to get back into their homes.

Please visit The Road Home program's homepage for specific information about The Road Home progam, including eligilbility information, requirements for Road Home assistance, information on applying and more. You may also call this number:


or for TTY:

The Road Home Homeowner Assistance program is designed to compensate individual homeowners whose homes were moderately or severely damaged during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The funding for this program is part of the hurricane relief aid that Louisiana has received from Congress. The money is distributed to Louisiana through the CDBG program, which is administered by The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The Small Rental Property program provides incentives to property owners to rent their small-scale rental properties to low- and moderate-income tenants at affordable rates. Federal funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development is being offered in a series of competitive rounds.

Please visit The Road Home official site for more information on the Small Rental Property Program.

The LIHTC-CDBG program (referred to as the “Piggyback” program in the Louisiana Recovery Administration Action Plan) supports affordability for especially low-income Louisianans in properties receiving Gulf Opportunity Zone Low Income Housing Tax Credits. The Program also supports the production of three types of eligible properties through four types of funding mechanisms.

Please visit this page or see this description for more information on the Piggyback Program.

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