Funding Criteria: LaSTEP

Awards are made continuously April through March 31 of each program year and are subject to the availability of funds.

Eligible recipients may apply for funding under this category by invitation only. They must be willing to solve water system and sewer system problems through the Small Towns Environment Program (STEP) method; i.e., self-help techniques utilizing community resources.

Applicants must address the following criteria:

  • Commitment to the project,
  • Completion through self-help techniques,
  • Resulting in a significantly reduced project cost of at least 40%.

Applicants must attend a pre-application meeting with the Office of Community Development. Based on the outcome of the meeting, applicants are invited to submit an application and include documentation of the savings that will result through the LaSTEP method. Also needed is documentation for meeting the National Objective of 51 percent benefit to low-and-moderate income persons.

All activities must be consistent with Louisiana's current Consolidated Annual Action Plan.