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February 1, 2010
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Commissioner Davis named Innovator in Action by Reason Foundation

BATON ROUGE – The Reason Foundation has named Louisiana’s Commissioner of Administration Angele Davis as a 2009 Innovator in Action for “playing a central implementation role in Gov. Bobby Jindal’s wide-ranging efforts to streamline the state bureaucracy.”

“I believe Louisiana is undergoing a significant period of reform, and I’m just grateful for the opportunity to play a role in putting ideas into action,” said Davis.

“Amidst today’s massive deficits and red ink, we need government leaders who are willing to ditch the failed status quo and seek out better ways of doing things,” said Leonard Gilroy, director of government reform at Reason Foundation. “We hope the examples and experiences offered by these innovators will inspire reform-minded officials at all levels of government to provide better, leaner and cheaper government to taxpayers.”

Reason Foundation’s annual Innovators in Action publication highlights good-government efforts that are saving taxpayers money and improving efficiency.

In the publication, Davis characterizes the work being done in Louisiana this way: “Primarily we're focused on reducing the cost and size of government by evaluating program effectiveness and getting rid of those that don't measure up through elimination, consolidation, privatization or the strategic use of technology. We're expanding our use of performance measurement to drive accountability and to see what works and what needs improvement. We don't have enough money to get the outcomes we want for citizens if we spend it in the same ways we spent it last year and the year before.”

The full Innovators in Action report can be found online at: http://reason.org/files/innovators_in_action_2009.pdf.

The Innovators in Action homepage is at http://reason.org/news/show/innovators-in-action-2009.

Reason Foundation’s press release announcing 2009’s innovators is at: http://reason.org/news/show/1009364.html.

Edited by Reason’s Gilroy, Innovators in Action also features:

  • Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue
  • Chicago Chief Financial Officer Gene Saffold
  • Bob Carr, former Premier of New South Wales, Australia
  • Onvia Chief Information Officer Eric Gillespie
  • Oliver Porter, of Sandy Springs, Georgia
  • Indianapolis Mayor Gregory Ballard
  • Louisiana State Superintendent of Education Paul Pastorek;
  • Henry Garrigo, former Director of the Florida Council on Efficient Government.

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