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September 26, 2013
Contact: Gregory DuPuis, 225-342-7000

Commissioner Announces Performance Adjustments for DOA Employees - Awards Directly Tied to Agency Improvements

Commissioner Kristy Nichols announced today that due to ongoing efficiencies and cost-saving measures throughout the Division of Administration (DOA), performance adjustments to eligible employees will be awarded based on their track record of accomplishment within the Division.

"Because of smart planning and aggressive implementation, targeted reforms throughout the agency have produced financial savings that will be passed on to our employees," Commissioner Nichols said.  "We have always worked to make government in Louisiana smaller and more efficient for the people of this state and we are seeing those efforts pay off."

The corporate management program of Lean Sixth Sigma reduced errors and minimized variability in DOA's procurement process. By shortening the overall cycle time and eliminating duplicated steps along the procurement path, cost savings were realized. Expansion of electronic payment options and direct deposit eliminated paper check printing and processing costs and reduced incidences of fraud. Lean Sixth Sigma also began to centralize all procurement functions at the state level that will, upon completion, make state government run more like a business.  

Louisiana will join other states in the consolidation of the state's federated Information Technology (IT) department.  Once implemented, it will centralize many IT functions and reduce costs by leveraging large volume procurement; eliminate the duplication of hardware and licenses; standardize the state's IT architecture; and allow for the creation of data center virtualization and cloud services. This increased IT capacity will also provide statewide project management, cost control, increased accountability, and more accurate reporting to the public - all at a significant cost savings to the state.   In the current fiscal year, the DOA will recognize savings through server consolidations, reduction of licenses and consolidation of IT maintenance contracts.

DOA has moved forward in the consolidation the Office of State Lands and the Office of State Buildings with the Office of Facility Planning and Control to create the state's Real Estate Office.  This plan streamlines the governance of state properties and allowed for new opportunities to realize direct savings for Louisiana. The Division is now positioned to manage state lands and leases more efficiently as well as better organize operations and maintain existing state buildings that house state agencies.

The Division also is in the process of working toward a plan that will comprehensively streamline government and link the work of state agencies in ways that utilize call center technology, modernize existing systems, flatten management levels for increased service to Louisiana citizens, realign business functions within and between departments, and sell unused property and equipment.

All classified and unclassified employees of the Division will be eligible for the performance adjustment based on state Civil Service Guidelines. DOA Executive Staff will not be eligible for adjustments.


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