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Improving Our State  Green Laspacer Developed by the Division of Administration, LaTrac is Louisiana state government's Transparency and Accountability Portal and online state spending database. Authorized by Gov. Jindal's executive order and by legislation during the special session on ethics, LaTrac provides the citizens of Louisiana detailed information about how their tax dollars are spent.
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Focus on Fiscal Reform As the state's chief budget officer, the Commissioner of Administration is leading the effort to implement Governor Bobby Jindal's major reforms to increase fiscal restraint and accountability to taxpayers. Find out more. 

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BATON ROUGE - Today, the Division of Administration (DOA) announced it was on track to reach the savings and efficiency goals outlined in the Governmental Efficiencies Management Support (GEMS) report released in June. Of the $75 million in General Fund savings included in the budget for fiscal year 2015, DOA has recognized $50 million. Read More

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