SAP GUI 7.10

The SAP GUI 7.10 installation should be performed by an administrator.  If you are not set up as a local administrator of the PC, please contact your IT Support Staff.
Please read the following instructions carefully before downloading:
1. Download the SAP GUI 7.10 installation file and select SAVE, saving it to your local computer or network storage.
2. Open the downloaded file and execute/extract the SAPGUI710.EXE file located within it.

Depending on your windows configuration
for handling '.cab' files, the Install Wizard
may not start automatically.

SAP GUI wizard image

If the Install Wizard does not start automatically, open another Windows Explorer session, find this file that was extracted, SAP GUI install file image, and run it.

3. Read and follow the instructions provided during the installation.
4. After installing SAP GUI 7.10, download/Install SAP GUI 7.10 Patch 16
5. Once installation is complete, restart your PC.
6. If you encounter errors during installation, please submit a web ticket to the ISIS Help Desk.