SAP GUI 7.20

The SAP GUI 7.20 installation should be performed by an administrator.  If you are not set up as a local administrator of the PC, please contact your IT Support Staff.
Please read the following instructions carefully before downloading:

Download the SAP GUI 7.20 installation file and select SAVE, saving it to your local computer or network storage.


The SAP GUI 7.20 may installed either through the standard Single Instance installation process or by using an automated rollout software such as SCCM.

  If the program will be installed manually on each individual machine follow the Single Instance Installation directions.
  If you intend to distribute the SAP GUI 7.2 program through a central automated process, please see the Suggested Automated Installation directions.
Some users have encountered warning messages when downloading data from after the upgrade installation. For more information on this message and the suggested resolution(s) see New SAP GUI 7.20 Download Message.
If you encounter errors during installation, please email the DOA-OIS-LaGov-EnterpriseSolutions@LA.GOV group.