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Preference Buyer Guidelines

In accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 39:330 the order of preference in the acquisition of surplus state property authorized for disposition shall be given to:


First:               State agencies


Second:          Political subdivisions of the State of Louisiana; other governmental agencies;                                 private elementary, secondary, or proprietary schools; independent colleges                          or universities


Third:             Charitable, educational, or religious organizations


All second and third preference agencies/organizations requesting approval to purchase surplus state property must complete, sign, and return to this agency, a Surplus State Property Purchase Agreement and Certification form. This form must be accompanied by a written request on their agency’s letterhead, approved by the chief administrator, and include the following: 



Preference:    All schools, if not listed in the LA School Directory, must submit a copy of                          their certificate of approval by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary



                        All independent colleges, universities and proprietary schools must submit a 

                        copy of their most recent accreditation.



Preference:   Delegation of authority or board resolution empowering a named individual(s)

                        to contract and make purchases on behalf of the agency/organization.   

                        Subsequent revisions must be submitted in writing. 

                        Current charter, Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, or partnership documents


                        Mission statement, Narrative w/Services, Persons Served, Facilities, etc.


                        Other documentation, if not included in the above, which characterizes the

                        agency or organization as charitable, educational, or religious in nature.


            A current 501.c.3 tax exemption form from the IRS.


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