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LaGov ERP - HCM/HR/Payroll Bulletin Board

July 14, 2014


7/14/14 ZF26 - Payroll Summary by Wage Type
7/8/14 BR9B Rates for FY 2015-2016
7/8/14 BR9B (ZP116) Enhancement
4/9/14 ZP97 - Employee Variance Report 
2/14/14  ZP43 - Separated Employee Recoupment Report
4/29/13  Holiday Payroll Monday Checklist
3/14/13 Changes to ZP98 - Employee Benefits/Retirement Arrears Report
1/18/13 Payroll Reports Calendar
12/18/12 Are you accidentally saving your personal variant as the system's default variant?
12/4/12 Reporting the Value of K-Time Earned
10/3/12 ZP120 - Employee Address Report
9/18/12 Update to ZP19 - Position Data by Personnel Area
6/13/12 ZF79 Renamed to Posting Substitutions Report
4/16/12 Changing the look of SAP
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ZF26 - Payroll Summary by Wage Type                                                                        Issued 7/14/2014

ZF26 - Payroll Summary by Wage Type is a new report that replaces ZF20 - FY Payroll Summary Report. ZF26 provides payroll expenditure data that posted in the LA GOV HCM system. Beginning with FY 2015, data will be compiled on a table that will be generated the weekend following each payday Friday for the preceding 2 weeks. Data has been built for prior Fiscal Years 2012 - 2014.

There are 2 report options:

  • Charges in Year, mimics ZF65 with the following exceptions:
    • Report data is pulled from a static table that is updated bi-weekly
    • Report includes 9410 (K-time value ST hours) and 9420 (K-time value 1.5) wage types
  • Activity in Year, outputs postings for activity that occurred and posted within the dates requested. Retro postings will not be included in this output. When the posting has a For-period of 000000, users must determine if the posting should be included in the total amount.

For more information about ZF26, please refer to Online Help .

BR9B - Rates for FY 2015-2016                                                                            Issued 7/10/2015

The BR9B (ZP116) has been updated to reflect the rates that will be utilized in the projection of vacant positions for FY 2016-2017 budget requests. The established rates are:

  • Retirement state share is 37.20% (last year was 37%)
  • Health insurance state share is $9,895.68 (Magnolia Local Plus/EE + Spouse) (last year the amount was $9,352.80)
  • Life insurance state share is $300.00 (same as last year)

For filled positions, the actual information from the employee is used. Please refer to the online help for additional information in regards to the BR9B.


ZP97 - Employee Variance Report                                                                    Issued 4/9/2014 

Listed below are two new selection choices added to the "Report Options" list for the ZP97 - Employee Variance Report and what each selection will identify:

  • WAE Employee - identifies:
    • WAE employees that have ZA01 time file entries, rather than ZWAE entries;
    • employees who have active ZWAE attendance buckets (IT2007 - Attendance Quots STy 30 - WAE) but are no longer working in a WAE capacity. ie: employee accepts a probational position during the date range of the validity period of the attendance quota.
  • EEs with Mixed Overtime Codes - identifies employees who have both system evaluated and override OT codes entered on their time file with an evaluation period (7 day or 14 day)  ie: Z002 and ZA03

ZP43 - Separated Employee Recoupment Report                                         Issued 2/14/2014 

This new report will be used to identify separating/transferring employees who have unpaid recoupment balances. These recoupments could be for:

  • regular pay
  • special pay
  • term pay
  • overtime pay
  • claims
  • OGB Flex and non-Flex health and/or life
  • non-wage repayments

This report will be tied to ZP169 beginning Monday, 2/17/2014. Beginning pay period 5/2014, employees with errors will be locked from payroll until the recoupment amount can be adjusted before the final payment is issued.

If the employee is separating, ideally, the existing recoupment would be delimited and a new one-time recoupment, equal to the balance owed, would be created. At this point the helpdesk should be contacted to override the lock.

If the employee’s final payment is not large enough to cover the recoupment balance, a payroll simulation should be run to determine the amount being paid. The final recoupment can then be created in an amount equal to the amount being paid. At this point the helpdesk should be contacted to override the lock.

If the employee is transferring and the new agency has agreed to continue the recurring deduction, costing will need to be added to the IT14 record. At this point the helpdesk should be contacted to override the lock.

Insurance and non-wage recoupment adjustments can be done by the agency. OSUP’s Garnishment Unit should be contacted for regular, special, overtime or term pay recoupment adjustments. For claim recoupments, contact the helpdesk.

NOTE: If you are unsure of the amount of the recoupment balance, reports such as ZP64 can be run for prior periods to identify total payments and recoupment balances. Contact the helpdesk if you need assistance with identifying recoupment balance amounts.

For additional information about ZP43 see the report descriptor in the online help.  If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

Holiday Payroll Monday Checklist                                                               Issued 4/29/2013 
  • Remind applicable staff that no help desk support will be available.
  • Monitor reports listed on the HR Reports Calendar and correct as many errors as possible the week preceding a holiday.
  • Use ZP169 to manually lock employees that cannot be corrected before payroll runs.
  • Always use ZY08 to simulate a payroll when master data changes are made to verify expected results.
  • Provide OSUP's GA unit offset/recoupment information no later than 12:00 the preceding Friday.

Changes to ZP98 - Employee Benefits/Retirement Arrears Report               Issued 3/14/2013

The Employee Benefits/FMLA Arrears Report has been enhanced and renamed to report arrears for retirement plans as well as OGB Benefit plan arrears.  If an employee has a time/pay change after separation, the EE share of retirement will go into arrears.  For example, a wage type that was previously ineligible for retirement is corrected retroactively.  Even though this is an infrequent occurrence, agencies did not have a way to determine the correct amount to collect from the employee.

In place of the 2 report options All Arrears and FMLA Arrears Only, there are now 3 Report Options:

  1. All Arrears - Includes OGB Plan Arrears FMLA or otherwise PLUS Retirement Arrears
  2. Benefit Arrears - OGB Plan Arrears FMLA or otherwise
  3. Retirement Arrears

Payroll Reports Calendar                                                                             Issued 1/18/2013


The Payroll Reports calendar provides a list of vital reports that must be run every pay period to ensure that errors are caught and corrected before payroll processing begins.  The calendar provides the report name, transaction code and the frequency that each report should be viewed throughout the pay period.  We suggest that the calendar be printed out and kept in a handy place as a reminder to check these reports as often as possible.  Payroll Reports Calendar 

Are you accidentally saving your personal variant as the system's default variant?  Issued 12/18/2012

The Help Desk receives numerous call about reports no longer working or not working as they should. Often times our research indicates that it is because someone has saved their personal variant as the system's default variant and the Help Desk is then forced to go in and delete these variants to get the report working correctly again.

Here are some tips to creating variants to prevent this from happening:

User Specific Display Variant - Your view only

  • The name must begin with a letter (A, B, C etc).
  •  Check the User-Specific box.

Non-User Specific Display Variant - Global view

  • The name must begin with a / and your personnel area number.
  • Make sure the User-Specific box is not checked.
  • *Do not check DEFAULT SETTING.

*Checking the default setting when saving a Non-User Specific display variant changes the look of the report for all users and will have to be deleted by the Help Desk. Please remember to be very careful when savings variants.

For more information on reports, see the LaGov ERP ECC Reports Quick Reference Card

Reporting the Value of K-Time Earned                                                         Issued 12/4/2012


Two new wage types have been created that project the value of k-time earned based on an employee's hourly rate:

  • 9410 - Straight Time (ST) Value
  • 9420 - Time and a Half (1.5) Value

Several reports will ouput these values:

  • ZF65 (EE Payroll Expenditure Detail Report)
  • ZP64 (Employee Wage Type Report)
  • ZP145 (Payroll Reconciliation Report)

When executing these reports, enter the wage type values (9410/9420) on the selection screen.


ZP120 – Employee Address Report                                                               Issued 10/3/2012


Additional columns are now available on the ZP120 report when report option ‘Disaster Essential Staff Info’ is selected.  The hidden columns are:  Job Key, Job Title, Supervisory Training Group (from Job), Work Parish, Work Parish Text, Main Building, Main Building Text and Email (IT 0105, Subtype 0010).

Update to ZP19 - Position Data by Personnel Area                                       Issued 9/18/2012

Regular Pay wage types and amounts (Hrly/Bi-wkly Rates) from the Basic Pay infotype (0008) have been added to ZP19 - Position Data by Personnel Area.  The wage types that will be reported are 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005, 0006, 96PP and 0097.

ZF79 Renamed to Posting Substitution Report                                           Issued 6/13/2012 

ZF79 (Cost Center Substitution Report) has been renamed to Posting Substitutions Report.  A Few things to note are:

  • Users will now search by Posting Dates (previously searched by check dates) 
  • Include GL 3955 Substitutions is now Recoupment-State EE Pay
  • Order substitutions is a new report option for LaGov ERP agencies (Labor costs cannot be posted to an order with a status of CRTD (Created), TECO (Technically Complete), LCK (Locked) or CLSD (Closed).  When the posting process encounters one of these statuses, a substitution to blank will occur.)

Changing the look of SAP                                                                      Issued 4/16/2012  

After upgrading to the newest version of the SAP Logon Pad, you may notice a new theme.  If you'd like to revert back to the previous SAP theme, follow the directions below.

  • From any SAP screen, click on Customize Local Layout button  
  • Click Options
  • On the left side of the pop-up box, choose the theme Enjoy from the dropdown list
  • Click Apply
  • Click OK
  • Log out of SAP and close the logon pad for the new settings to take effect