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LaGov ERP - Linear Assets (Agile) Bulletin Board

December 26, 2013

12/26/13 IE11 Not Supported
8/28/13 Maintaining Your Labor Shortlist in AGILE Assets
8/27/12 New PM Activity Type for PM01 WO
8/27/12 M5 Notification New Asset Class Catalog 
6/15/12 Linear Assets (AGILE) Upgrade Improvements
2/24/12 Additional Personnel Data in Agile Assets
1/10/12 PDA Work Order Advisory 
12/1/11 Agile Multiple Operators for Equipment 
10/7/11 Posting Dates MIGO 
3/28/11 Labor Daycard Interface Errors
3/1/11 Agile Work Order Interface                                                          

 IE11 Not Supported by AGILE Assets                                                              Issued 12/26/2013

It has come to our attention that some users are attempting to run the AGILEAssets software on the updated Internet Explorer, Version 11(IE 11).  IE 11 is not supported by AGILEAssets and anyone who is running IE 11 will not be able to access our Production system at this time.  IE 11 should be uninstalled and a previous version restored.

Maintaining Your Labor Shortlist in AGILE Assets                                           Issued 8/27/2012
Please reference Maintaining Your Labor Shortlist in AGILE Assets for instructions on deselecting any employees who have been transferred and/or separated from DOTD.  If not deselected, these employees will continue to be downloaded to the Mobile device and presented for selection to create/correct labor daycards.

New PM Activity Type for 3rd Party Building Repairs                                      Issued 8/27/2012
Effective 8/27/12, the PM01 Work Order type has been enhanced to include a new PM Activity Type recorded at the work order header level.  The new PM Activity Type, "Third Party", was added to allow users to group work orders assigned to other than State emplyoees (HVAC Contractors, Plumbers, Automotive Repairs, etc.) for reporting purposes.  Please see our Bulletin Board article New PM Activity Type for PM01 WO for a pictorial of the new PM Activity Type.

M5 Notification new Asset Class Catalog                                                          Issued 8/27/2012
Effective 8/27/12, the Object Part Catalog Selection (Movable Property Asset Class) functionality has been enhanced to provide users an easy to read, folder based type menu selection.  M5 Notifications using the former Object Part Catalog will not be affected unless it is necessary to edit the asset class.  If an edit is necessary to the asset class, LaGov will default to the new Object Part Catalog and allow users to choose from the folder options in the selection menu.  Please see our Bulletin Board article M5 Notification new Asset Class Catalog for a pictorial of the new Object Part Catalog (Movable Property Asset Class.)

Please note this enhancement is to M5 Notifications for movable property tracking ONLY.  No other notification types are affected.

Linear Assets (AGILE) Upgrade Improvements                                                 Issued 6/15/2012
The upgrade to the Linear Assets (AGILE) application will be moved into production the weekend of June 16th through June 17th.  View the Linear Assets AGILE Upgrade Improvements document for some of the more notable improvements.

Additional Personnel Data in Agile Assets                                                       Issued 2/24/2012
Effective Monday, February 27th, the Personnel Number will be added to the Employee Name on Progress>Daycards screen in Agile Assets.  Please click Additional Personnel Data in Agile Assets for screen captions from the Agile Assets system of this enhancement.

PDA Work Order Location Advisory                                                                Issued 1/10/2012

All PDA users should follow the following published instructions for proper entry of Work Order Location to avoid repeated Location Errors that encountered during upload.  Please click PDA User Guide (Work Order Location) for these instructions.  


Agile Multiple Operators for Equipment                                                         Issued 12/1/2011

The equipment day card function in Agile has been enhanced to allow multiple operators for the same piece of equipment.  This change allows authorized users to assign as many operators as necessary for proper equipment operation.  For example, pavement marking equipment often requires more than one operator.  Currently this enhanced functionality is only available for desktop portal users and is not available for PDA users.  The PDAs will be upgraded when the upgrade is provided by Agile.  Please click on the following link for a guide on using this new functionality.

Click here to view the Agile Multiple Operators for Equipment 

Posting Dates MIGO                                                                                       Issued 10/7/2011

It is critical to the Agile Material Day Card interface that MIGO transactions are entered timely.  If not entered timely, the Agile Material Day Card will fail.  Please access the following link for a brief article that includes MIGO screen shots of the date fields that need to be entered timely.

Posting Dates within MIGO Transactions 

Labor Daycard Interface Errors                                                                      Issued 3/28/2011

How do I find rejected daycards that must be fixed?  Run ZT09.

  • Enter yesterday's date in Log File Dates field.
  • Enter your Personnel Area and Time Administrator (number).
  • Select Show error messages only option.



To find ALL REJECTED daycards that have not been fixed:

Clerks (Time Administrators):  Repeat steps above except in Log File Dates field enter 1st day of current pay period  to  Last day of current pay period.

Business Manager/ADA of Business:  Repeat steps above except in Log File Dates field enter 11/12/2010  to  Current date.

What are the more common errors and how do I fix each?

Regular Hours > Planned Hours 

The entry was rejected because, when added to the number of regular attendance + absence hours that were already recorded for the employee for that day, the total would exceed the number of hours that the employee was scheduled to work that day (planned hours).
Solution: Change the number of EA01 hours in Agile or correct employee's work schedule and then delete and re-enter attendance in Agile.
Regular Attendance EA01 Not Allowed on Holiday  
Problem: The attendance was rejected because regular attendance or absence hours are not allowed on a State holiday. Only overtime hours are permitted on a State holiday.
Solution: Change EA01 to appropriate OT value or change holiday to regular work day.
1. First review the employee's record in PTMW to determine exactly what change must be made. 
2. To fix a CURRENT PERIOD error in Linear Assets (Agile), the daycard must first be 'un-approved'.  After making necessary changes, the daycard must be 're-approved' for it to be included in the next interface and the correction posted to HCM (SAP).

If no correction to Agile is necessary, the record still has to be 'un-approved' and then 're-approved' for it to be included in the next interface run.
Business Manager/ADA of Business must consider the following when fixing a PRIOR PERIOD ERROR:
  • If the work order is 'completed', it will need to be 'un-completed' before any corrections can be made.  Go to the Progress > Completion window and 'un-complete' the work order.
  • If 45 days has passed since the last financial transaction in SAP, the work order may be "Business Complete".  The ADA of Business will have to change this work order's status in SAP from "Business Complete" back to "TECO" before any further action can be taken.  The overnight interface will change this work order's settings in Linear Assets so that the next day, it can be 'un-completed' and work can proceed as described above.
4. Always run ZT09 the following day after a correction is interfaced to confirm that the error no longer appears in your list.  If still there or another error has resulted for this same date, contact the LaGov Help Desk for assistance resolving.
Review the ZT09 report descriptor for many OTHER ERRORS and how to fix them.  


Agile Work Order Interface                                                                              Issued 3/1/2011

Agile work orders – Material Day Cards – should not be entered until the Inventory counts are completed and the inventory has been reconciled.  Once the inventory is reconciled and the inventory is no longer frozen, you should enter all outstanding goods receipts, wait 1 day (so that the inventory balances can be interfaced to Agile) and then enter the Material Day Cards.