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Archived Ad Hoc Reporting Bulletin Board - January 11, 2008

Archive Date Archive Bulletins
01/11/08 WebIntelligence Courses and Workshops Available
01/11/08 Convert ZABO Reports to WebI
02/23/05 New Business Objects 6.5.1 and Training 
02/23/05 New WebIntelligence Course Available
12/03/04 Business Objects Upgrade and Training
11/05/04 Business Objects Training
10/14/02 Business Objects Training
05/17/02 Ad Hoc Reporting - Business Objects Training
03/07/02 Business Objects

WebIntelligence Courses and Workshops Available - Archived 1/11/08

OIS is now offering three online learning classes in WebIntelligence:
  • WebI-1:Building Queries teaches users how to create and edit simple reports.
  • WebI-2:Manipulating Data exposes users to more complex functions of creating Webi reports.
  • WebI-3:Formatting Reports teaches users the report formatting functions that make reports presentable for publication and distribution.
Beginning in August, OIS will offer instructor led half-day WebIntelligence workshops. Small groups of 3-6 users will participate. The workshops will be customized for each organization’s business needs and will target a single universe. To be eligible for a workshop, all participants must have completed the three Webi online courses listed above.

As announced last year, DOA support of the EDA Server software used to access ISIS data from InfoMaker will be discontinued in June 2007. All agencies should have their report conversions to WebIntelligence complete by that time.

Convert ZABO Reports to WEBI - Archived 1/11/08

Due to changes expected to the Business Objects product line, OIS encourages everyone to limit their use of ZABO to reports that can not be created with WebIntelligence. For some time now, OIS has been focusing on the support and deployment of WebI as the primary reporting tool for ISIS data. Business Objects has made significant improvements to the WebI product. Some reports may still require functions only available in ZABO, but the vast majority can be created in WebI.

OIS has a tool that will assist in converting ZABO reports to Webi. If you wish to have your ZABO reports converted, please SEND them to Laurie Brown (via the Business Objects SEND function). These should be accompanied by an email that lists the reports you wish to be converted.

New Business Objects 6.5.1 and Training - Archived 2/23/05

Business Objects has been upgraded to version 6.5.1. With the upgrade, you will find expanded functionality in both WebIntelligence and ZABO, and improved help. Under Help, in addition to access to Online Guides and a good search engine, you can also view slide shows of major functions by going to "Show" then "Multimedia Quick Tours".

To assist you in the transition OIS has developed two courses explaining the differences between the old version and the new version for both WebIntelligence and ZABO, and a new InfoView introductory course for new users. These courses can be found in LEO under MyWork > Online Learning.

The first time you log on, you will need to download Business Objects software. For download instructions see:

New WebIntelligence Course Available - Archived 2/23/05

The new online learning course Business Objects WebIntelligence - Building Queries is now available in LEO. This course will teach students how to create and edit WebIntelligence reports that answer specific business questions related to state agency operations. In the course the student will learn how to build and run the queries that will retrieve and display the requested data from the database that will answer those business questions.

Additional WebIntelligence courses will soon be added and will instruct the student on how to perform sophisticated data manipulations and format reports for presentation.

Business Objects Upgrade and Training - Archived 12/03/04

Business Objects will be upgraded between Thursday, December 9 and Sunday, December 12. For details see ISIS Memorandums 05-026 and 05-027.You will be required to download Business Objects software the first time you log on after the upgrade. For download instructions see:
To assist you in the transition OIS has developed two courses explaining the differences between the old version and the new version for WebIntelligence and ZABO. Additionally,a new InfoView introductory course has been developed for new users. These will be available after December 6 in Online Learning.

Business Objects Training - Archived 11/05/04

All Business Objects classroom training has been suspended until after the software upgrade scheduled for early December, 2004. When training is resumed, online courses will be available for IntroductionTo Business Objects and Intermediate Business Objects. A half-day instructor led advanced course will be available along with specialized database workshops. An online course will also be provided to explain the upgrade features to current Business Objects users.

Please see the links below for the Business Object Training Request (ISF038) and Request For Business Objects Userid (ISF060) forms.

Business Objects Training - Archived 10/14/02

OIS is now offering a half-day introductory class on Business Objects InfoView. Students will be shown application navigation and how to access and save existing reports. This is not a report writing course but is a prerequisite for subsequent Business Objects courses. Please note that when applying for this class your ISIS Liaison must also submit ISIS form ISF060 Request For Business Objects Userid. Additional classes are under development and will be announced when they become available.

Please see the links below for the Business Object Training Request (ISF038) and Request For Business Objects Userid (ISF060) forms.

Ad Hoc Reporting - Business Objects Training - Archived 05/17/02

Training for Business Objects is scheduled to begin in June 2002. The first class to be offered is Business Objects Introduction - InfoView. This is an instructor led course that will last half a day. The next class will be Business Objects Intermediate - WebIntelligence. This course is also instructor led and will be taught over two days. Soon to be available will be an instructor led advanced course lasting one day.

More information will become available in a soon to be released OIS - Statewide Information Systems implementation memo and on our web site.

Business Objects - Archived 03/07/02

Business Objects has been chosen as the new preferred Business Intelligence tool (ad hoc reporting tool). With it, in the near future, you will have access to the currently available ISIS database tables. User training for Business Objects will commence in the coming months. The Lagniappe Project Team is nearing completion of a prototype data warehouse that will first be available to a pilot users' group.

More information will become available on this bulletin board, the OIS-Statewide Information Systems' web site, and in an implementation memo.