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CFMS Application Guide
Summary of Changes - CFMS Application Guide
Table of Contents and Introduction Appendix A CFMS Status Code Matrix 
Chapter 1 Concepts  Appendix B CFMS Document Types and Codes
Chapter 2 Procedures  Appendix C Commodity Code Matrix (Rev. January 2006)
Chapter 4 Documents  (Rev.June 2007) Appendix D CFMS Approval Matrix 
Chapter 6 Reports (Rev. March 2007)  Appendix E Processing Flow
  Appendix F CFMS Agency Procedures
Updated Pages for: Appendix G CFMS Program Purpose Statements
April 2000  Appendix H AGPS Shared Documentation
October 2000  Appendix I CFMS Error messages (Rev.June 2007)
March 2001   
January 2002   
March 2003   
March 2004   
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